About us

Archaeologia Bulgarica (ArchBulg) is a scientific journal, issued continiously since 1997 – it is the only one from the Bulgarian periodicals in the field of humanities, classified by Scopus and by European Reference Index for the Humanities. Founder, owner and editor – in – chief of the magazine is Professor Dr Lyudmil Vagalinski (lfvagalinski@dmail.com; lvagalin@techno-link.com).

In 2015, under the same name, a non-governmental organization is also registered. The main goal of NGO Archaeologia Bulgarica is the promotion of archeology and the cultural and historical heritage of Bulgaria. The founders are:

  1. Professor Dr Lyudmil Vagalinski, chairman of the association, archaeologist with many years of experience and contributing publications; 2011-2018 – director of the National Archaeological Institute with Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences: http://naim.bg/en/content/person/700/0/92/; since 2007 head of the archaeological research in the ancient town of Heraclea Sintica, near the village of Rupite, Petrich municipality; since 2003 is head of the studies at the Roman colony Deultum, Bourgas municipality. His biography includes excavations of Danube Roman castles Iatrus, Ruse munisipality and Transmarisca, Silistra municipality.
  2. Irina Vagalinska, editor of books and journalist with over 20 years of media practice, including as editor in Thema magazine, where leads the rubric Archeology. Contacts: irinavagalinska@gmail.com