Summer Archaeological School

In fulfillment of its main purpose the NGO Arhaeologia Bulgarica organizes archeological schools, museology and field conservation, tailored to the individual schedule of each participant. Our permanent summer bases are in the town of Petrich (near Herakleia Sintica) and in the archaeological reserve Deultum, Bourgas municipality.

The program includes excavations, training and thematic excursions. Every school week contains five days of work on the site, two lectures and one excursion. For the school can apply students from the initial and master courses, PhD students and graduates in the field of archeology, anthropology, classical sciences, ancient history and related researches. At the end of the course participants will receive a certificate.

In 2012-2014 in Heraclea Sintica was held practice for American students, it was organized together with the American Research Center in Sofia.

Students who need academic credits have to contact Professor Dr Lyudmil Vagalinski via e-mail

Foreign participants in the school should provide medical insurance and a visa if required for them.

For information about the summer school – schedule, accommodation and other details, contact Professor Dr Lyudmil Vagalinski (