Just another board game? There is more in it!

Our new game Archaeologists vs Treasure Hunters is the first of its kind, made with the participation of professional archaeologists in the developing team (the chief consultant is Assoc. Prof. Lyudmil Vagalinski – a scientist with vast experience, the former Director of NAIM-BAS, the leader of NGO Archaeologia Bulgarica, and the chief editor of a homonymous journal).

This is a game with a cause and we are glad to inform you that Archaeologists vs Treasure Hunters is now available in English:

This new adventurous, educational (age 7+) and family game explains in an enthralling manner what is like to be an archaeologist and why and how are treasure hunters harmful, popularizing national cultural-historical landmarks at the same time. It is very important – “treasure hunting” is a popular topic used in many contemporary games, but none of them considers the moral side of this occupation.

What are the responses to the game up to now? Two months after the release of the first issue in Bulgarian Archaeologists vs Treasure Hunters was included as an extra topic in the agenda of the 20th meeting of the European Archaeological Council in Dublin (February-March 2019). The game was presented as an untraditional way of attracting attention to a global problem before representatives of 30 European countries.

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