Archaeological News from the Magura Cave

The Team of Archaeologia Bulgarica entered one of the biggest and the most interesting caves in Bulgaria – the Magura Cave, to show and comment on the latest findings from archaeological research there. Bulgarian-American team of scientists studied flint fragments, bones and remains of fireplaces, before concluding that the oldest traces of habitation of the cave date back from BC 50 000.

A radiocarbon dating proves the paintings with bat guano have been created BC 5000 at the earliest. “But there are others made with ocher – according to some researchers they are from the late Chalcolithic period”, adds the archaeologist Ivaylo Krumov, director of the History Museum in the city of Belogradchik. He shows for the camera of Archaeologia Bulgarica an image of a hallucinogenic mushroom, probably used in prehistoric rituals in the cave.

It is certain that research and excavation should continue because the Magura cave has more secrets to solve.

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