Gold of Theodoric the Great’s Goths in Novae

A magnificent golden fibula from the last quarter of the 5th century is among the most attractive recent finds in Novae  ̶  a Roman military camp and early Byzantine settlement near the present-day city of Svishtov on the Lower Danube. The head of the excavations – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pavlina Vladkova, showed first in front of Archaeologia Bulgarica this adornment. It is valuable both as a precious metal and a chronological indicator because it was found in a Gothic necropolis with 120 graves. At the end of the 5th century Novаe was the capital of Theodoric the Great. First it was a camp of legio VIII Augusta and legio I Italica. The Bulgarian-Polish team (NAIM–BAS, Regional History Museum ̶ Veliko Tarnovo, Universities in Poznan and Warsaw) presents more, including stone head of Dionysus-Sabazius…

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